Wallety Dr Shares vibrant music video For New Single- ‘I’m in Love’

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Wallety Dr Shares vibrant music video For New Single- ‘I’m in Love’

‘I’m in Love’ is the colourful Afropop track that launched Wallety Dr into success, now fully complete with a vibrant music video. This track emerged as a freestyle between Wallety Dr and his producer friend in 2019; the attention it would receive kick-started this artist’s pursuit of a professional career in the music industry. Produced by HOME LIFE, the track itself was shared via WhatsApp with friends, who congratulated him on the track before it was even released! The accompanying video, with its fast-paced editing and entrancing light leaks, showcases Wallety Dr and his friends enjoying themselves along the glimmering coast. ‘I’m in Love’ and its video is filled with light-hearted, good vibes that will bring some warmth back into your life. If you’re seeking out a new favourite Afrobeats track, make sure to check this out!

Emmanuel Ketani Zhou, aka Wallety Dr is a rising artist from Zimbabwe with an infectious joy for life and music. Although he loved music all of his life, the idea of being able to record his own was just a pipe dream for a while, and the artist had no access to a computer or anything. It wasn’t until he moved to Cape Town, and saved up with all the money he made working in a restaurant that he could begin recording and promoting his music in 2016. Although things were hard in the beginning, the artist knew the only way was forward, “I never see giving up as an option because I feel music is my calling”. ‘I’m in Love’ is just one of the catchy tracks you can find on Wallety Dr’s hot new album ‘Eyes on the Mission’, featuring artists such as Siny Kid and Yung Blos. With a knack for making the hottest Afrobeats sounds, Wallety Dr has all the tools needed to succeed.

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