Top 30 Fact Checks About 30 Billion Concert

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The critically acclaimed “Most promoted” 30 Billion concert headlined By the DMW frontliner David Adeleke with the moniker “Davido” has come and gone and we can still feel the crust of the highly energetic concert in our mouth days after.


Here are 30 fact checks by social media Expert -Bamidele Olamilekan (@KingPexxie) about the highly publicized #30BillionConcert

1- The   30Billion Concert is the most publicized event/ show of the year 2017

2- Did you know The 30 Billion Concert is the first show First Bank of Nigeria would Power/Majorly support?

3- Did you also know that the 30Billion Concert is the only show in Nigeria to Trend for 3 days at No 1 spot nationwide and still trending?

4- Did you know that 30 Billion Concert by Davido is the ONLY show to hold in Lagos and trend in UK, US and Worldwide generally for hours ?

5- Did you know that the 30 Billion Concert is the Higest Grossing Concert in the whole of Nigeria’s history of events/Concert ?

6- Did you know that Davido’s 30 Billion Concert is the first show to have 10,000 persons present in Eko Hotel selling out the entire Convention Centre ?


7- Did you know that Davido’s 30 Billion Concert is the Most sold out show in the history of all Sold Out events ever done in Nigeria?

8- Davido’s 30 Billion Concert is the only ticket to have over 7 ticketing categories ever

9- it took Davido 2 months (approximately 60 days) for him to get the Entire Mo’Hits together to perform at the 30 Billion Concert

10- Davido’s 30 Billion Concert was the ONLY time the entire Mo’hits came together on stage as reunion after their split of almost a decade



11- The 30 Billion Concert was the biggest Christmas gift all Lagosians have had in a while…

12- Davido’s 30 Billion Concert is the most anticipated event in the history of Nigerian events

13- Eko Hotel has Never seen such a crowd since it’s inception like it did on the 27th of December for Davido’s :30 Billion Concert

14- The Most pumped and Hyped moment in Nigeria’s entertainment scene of 2017 was when Davido called  Wizkid his “new best friend” at the 30 Billion Concert

15- Highest price ever paid for a Table spot at a concert ever in Nigeria is N5million Naira which was at Davido’s 30 Billion Concert

16- Davido’s 30 Billion Concert recorded the least case(s) of stealing by hooligans and harassment in the history of  events in Nigeria

17- The 30 Billion Concert drew over 10,560,000 (Ten Million Five hundred and sixty thousand) online users Streaming, retweeting, tweeting and posting simultaneously about the event on periscope, Snapchat, twitter and Instagram

18- The Mother of all Records “Columbia Records UK” acknowledged that Davido made history during his 30 Billion Concert



19- The picture of Davido and Wizkid hugging on stage shot by “Fortune Photography” during the 30 Billion Concert is the most posted image online from the concert having over 1,000 reposts from individuals, media house and industry giants

20- The 30 Billion Concert twitter account (@30BConcert) witnessed a 150+% increase on social media

21- Davido’s tweet where he called Wizkid his “muhfuckin broda” along their performance video from 30 Billion Concert has almost 59k views and 12k favorites in 24 hours of posting the tweet




22- Nasty C’s first time to ever be in Nigeria was for Davido’s 30 Billion Concert

23- Davido confirmed that there was meant to be a “Psquare” reunion also at the 3Billion Concert, however Paul “Rude boy” of Psquare already had a show in Calabar

24- Davido’s #30BillionConcert has the most organizers online Media / PR team in the history of Nigerian Entertainment Publicity called the “Soft work” team

25- Davido’s #30BillionConcert was an All Gucci Affair according to BellaNaija 

26- The #30BillionConcert is also the first time Eko Hotel management Team threatened to shut down a concert since it inception due to the massive and unforeseen crowd turnout

27-The #30BillionConcert is also the First show ever that sold out all tickets and tables 24hrs to the event

28-The 30 Billion concert is the ONLY concert to give upcoming and unknown artists a platform to showcase their talent to the 10,000 audience without any fee attached

29- The #30BillionConcert has all the major artists of 2017 perform on stage

30- There will be a Part 2 of the #30BillionConcert

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