South African RnB Star Rowlene taps WurlD for New Single “Only”

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South African RnB Star Rowlene taps WurlD for New Single “Only”

Only follows Would You Like That, the sultry icebreaker that marks her reemergence after a 2-year hiatus and is the second single off Frequency, Rowlene’s forthcoming 7-track EP due on the 11th of November. On Only, Rowlene indulges a passionate courtship in an ode to one of the key love languages to keep the spark between two lovebirds, pleasure. The latest release is complemented by courting lyricism and sensual sonic texture, setting the mood for both a craving for extravagant displays of affection and a simple appreciation for the little things. Its no surprise that Rowlene enlists WurlD to support her sensational performance with his sensual cadence.

Speaking on the creative process of Only and what music lovers can expect from her EP Frequency Rowlene shares:

“WurlD and I hadn’t met until the song was complete. The collaboration was effortless and organic. Frequency has so many definitions, from science to math, it is a significant observation that always hints to “more”. This project follows exactly that notion. Each song represents a twist or turn in the journey we call finding love and sometimes ourselves. One’s cycle can never be compared to another’s, yet when you’ve matched the energies when you’ve synchronized with someone – magic happens.”

Listen below;

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