Slug G Delivers powerful message in new single ‘Money Is Power’

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Slug G Delivers powerful message in new single 'Money Is Power'

Slug G Delivers powerful message in new single ‘Money Is Power’

Born and raised in the musically enriched pride of West Africa in Nigeria, Slug G is a determined, independent artist specialising in the masterful craft of Hip-Hop. Now residing in the home of UK Rap in the country’s capital London, Slug G is dedicated to making music ‘people can feel’ and he’s doing exactly that – growing in stature with every single release.

‘Money Is Power,’ is the latest release from the genius mind of Rap connoisseur Slug G who pours a sense of rawness and authenticity into every pore of the dense mix.’Money Is Power,’ employs thought provoking lyricism, fused with an incessantly catchy flow to truly encapsulate the listener in what is an undeniably incredible magnus opus.

Over the past 3 years, he has been formulating his own sound – bringing elements of Rap icons Kendrick Lamar & Skepta without overstepping the line into pastiche by adding his own unique flair to his writing. As Slug G blossoms as an artist, his discography mirrors this with every single being more impressive than its predecessor. Punchy captivating lyrics & harmonious melodies are the ideal way to describe Slug G’s sound and he is unwaveringly dedicated to leaving a trailing blaze on the Rap scene as he uproariously explodes onto the industry- a soulful musician soon to be a force in Hip-Hop

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The single Money is Power offers an intriguing new perspective on the detrimental damage to society’s mindset that money causes – ‘My pain fills the air as the song flows through – money can be so loved against another human and I just want to shout at the constructs that have been built around me because I hate it, and I hate that I need it and what we have to do to get it, just to stay alive and thrive.’ ‘Money Is Power.’ is an essential Hip-Hop hit for any music fan which sends an essential message about the nature of money and power in society.

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