Shaykeh Shares Afro-Pop Single “No Matter”

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Talented Nigerian Singer Shaykeh makes her debut On Jukebox Music with Afro-Pop Single titled “No Matter”

The afro artist’s versatility is present once more in this record. Able to traverse the terrains of afro-beat, pop, R&B, and world music, with catchy tunes and well written verses that stick with the listener far after the song is done.

Shaykeh illustrates the hard work that goes into the art of music-making. In this record,she exhibits her production prowess, building the sounds and substance of the song itself from scratch, in a collaborative effort with some friends. Playing off a humorous sound-byte, the Joro crooner makes promises to her muse, and to the listener, that she
will be there, present, beside you no matter the circumstances. Much like she rides the beat effortlessly, Shaykeh’s soulful voice sensuously croons about a lover that’s hard to find. When asked the motivation behind “No Matter”,
Shaykeh says,

“I wanted to do something playful but sensual, allowing me to make meaning of ardent thoughts and emotions, without having to be wholly serious in the approach.”

“No Matter” is a delightful addition to Shaykeh’s discography, and a reminder from the artist that not only is she getting better with time, but that she has more in stock waiting for her listeners.

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