Shad3 Joins DROXX for New Bop ‘DARK’

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Shad3 Joins DROXX for New Bop ‘DARK’

Are you looking for the ultimate addition to your playlist to satisfy your craving for dark, moody, and edgy trap music? Look no further than “Dark” by Droxx and Shad3, the electrifying new collaboration that is taking the music scene by storm.

Featuring a brooding, hypnotic beat and haunting vocals from two of the most talented artists in the game, “Dark” is the perfect addition to any playlist for late-night drives, intense workouts, or just chilling with friends.


Shad3 born in Lagos, Nigeria; is a rising star who mixes his raspy smooth voice with a laid back flow and unforced swagger. Shad3 combines antics of Phonk, hard rap and smooth rap to create a new sound unique to himself. He released his first single in 2022 called “MONCLEAR” and a feature track with Ukrainian artist ‘NoLimitTony’ called “Dangerous” the following month. Each time seeing him change his flow to match the state of mind of the song.

Shad3 is heavily influenced by fashion aesthetics especially high end street fashion and grunge fashion. He is also known to be an affiliate of the 444 Saints collective.

Being a native of Nigeria, Shad3 does not fail to embibe the ‘pidgin English’ in his songs with minimal efforts in this account.

Shad3 is set to drop his first song of the year titled “DARK” with Nigerian drill artist ‘Droxx’ on the 5th of May. This song can be felt as a slow staggering song displaying much of Shad3’s raspy and smooth flow. The second verse is then accompanied by a much more up tempo bar for bar Droxx.


But “Dark” isn’t just another trap banger – it’s a masterpiece of collaboration, blending the unique talents of Droxx and Shad3 into a seamless and unforgettable musical experience. And with its haunting video, shot in the stunning hills of Abuja, “Dark” takes you on a journey that is both visually and musically stunning.

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Whether you’re a fan of Droxx, Shad3, or just love great music, “Dark” is a must-have on your playlist. So fire up Spotify, crank up the volume, and let “Dark” transport you to a world of mystery, intrigue, and raw energy.

Listen below;


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