SGaWD Kicks Of 2023 With New Freestyle “InterMission”

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SGaWD Kicks Of 2023 With New Freestyle “InterMission”

As is typical of rap freestyles, SGaWD goes off on a variety of topics, lines of self-appraisal lined up closely with those touching on loyalty and materialism, among others.

However, the record’s opening line—”pussy boy just tried to tell me how to run my business“—hints at the record’s thrust. The line is repeated over the course of SGaWD’s freestyle and looks as though the rapper is invested in a campaign of self-assertion.

Intermission is produced by 44DB’s Trill Xoe and John Wav, both of whom give the record a bouncy hip hop feel, matching SGaWD’s exuberance.

SGawD has come a long way since she first featured in a song in 2015, back when she lived in Birmingham, England. Not only has she released several singles, in 2021 she released her debut extended play, Savage Bitch Juice.

Listen to below;


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