Sensación Gemela release debut album ‘Mulato’

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Sensación Gemela release debut album ‘Mulato’

‘Mulato’ is the first full-length album from Cuban twin duo Sensación Gemela. This project marks the beginning of their very own sound named ‘Konto’. While taking a while to define their new album, Rubildo visited his brother one afternoon and heard his brother’s instrumental track, inspired by all the things they love about Cuban music. Rubildo’s adoration for it left him with the name ‘Mulato’, which would go on to define the rest of the album. These twins compared the recording process to a concert, with all the same excitement and enthusiasm as they worked through ‘Mulato’. A fusion of Reggaeton, Cuban music and Latin Pop, this project is packed full of warmth and talent, making it hard not to enjoy it top to bottom!

Sensación Gemela is made up of twins Rubert and Rubildo Donatien Donza. Born in a district of Guantánamo, they started dancing to Cuban rhythms from the early age of ten. Soon after, they started to venture into more avenues, exploring foreign genres and songwriting until they eventually formed Sensación Gemela. The duo is multi-talented, excelling as dancers, singers, models and actors. They established a fanbase in 64 cities around Germany alongside the Holguin dance company ‘Codanza’ and their show ‘Don’t Stop the Music’. They have also had their hand in the film industry, debuting as actors at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in 2019. Now it’s time for these two to take on the music industry and garner attention for their musical talents with their first album ‘Mulato’.

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