Qing Madi Releases Melodic Single “Why”

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Emerging Nigerian Songstress Qing Madi Releases Melodic New Single “Why” Dedicated To Former Classmates

Reared on a steady diet of hip hop and R&B luminaries Columbia recording artist Qing Madi’s music is a testament to her maturity, eschewing despair for lyrics replete with hope, escapism, and a profound sense of interconnectedness. One listen to her latest single “Why” will confirm why the Nigerian star has been deemed the “next up” out of West Africa. The young artist’s distinctive, effervescent song craft combines melodicism, irresistible rhythmic drive and inspiration that fulfill her goal of making music that’s “fun, uplifting, empowering and celebratory.”

While she gracefully follows in the footsteps of legendary Afrobeat giants, Qing Madi (whose name translates to “heaven”) has brazenly carved her own musical niche with her self-described Afro-R&B sound. Her latest single “Why” is the follow up to “See Finish” released earlier this year which garnered over 8.2 million streams. The official video for “Why” shot in Lagos, Nigeria showcases a more empathetic side to the young virtuoso where she tackles issues like bullying, friendship and pursuing life goals. Qing Madi says the single was inspired by her former classmates who would often feel entitled to her attention when she was trying to chase her own dreams. With dancing skills reminiscent of the late Aaliyah, the classically trained ballerina flexes her vocal range to give us a glimpse into her forthcoming EP.

Qing Madi inked a deal with Jton Music and BuVision Ent/Columbia Records after being signed by renowned industry executive Bu Thiam whose resume includes work with Rihanna, Kanye West, Akon, and Lady Gaga. The former A&R at Def Jam and now EVP at Columbia Records says he “flew to Nigeria twice in one week to find the 16 year old singer songwriter.”

Through it all, Qing Madi’s remained grounded. And therein lies much of her appeal. In a time when many rising pop stars have become further and further removed from the folks that they speak to with their custom made looks and unattainable lifestyles, Qing Madi remains a lot like us: a tender, tough, self-possessed young lady who puts her community before commercial concerns. When summing up what her music is about, Qing Madi offers a simple answer: “I have an unbelievable story to tell.”

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