Prolific Singer and Songwriter, Dchessking Opens Up On Journey So Far

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Nigerian Singer and songwriter, Ejiro Utibe Segbuyota, popularly known as Dchessking, has bore his mind on career, his latest Extended Play, titled ‘Good Things’, and his future aspirations.

He, while speaking about different lined up events both home and abroad, which he has to attend this year, said he started the music hustle very early but he is grateful of where he has found himself now.

“It wasn’t easy to break into the industry as a young artist, especially to get noticed for a long time. But I had promised myself that I had to make it happen.”

“The journey has been tough but it just turned me into a stronger person and nothing more. A weak mind wouldn’t be able to withstand the height of discouragement and discomfort while trying to get some attention. But with doggedness and determination, I kept my focus and didn’t renege.”

He, however, buttressed the fact with his recent release of his well-listened to music project, an embodiment of great songs, which he titled ‘Good Things’. He was able to express himself in those sonorous sounds such as ‘Allow Me’, ‘Boost’, ‘Celebrate’, ‘Doings’.

“It took a while to get those amazing songs together because I wanted the best for my fans.


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