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Dear oluwatobi wande Ojosipe aka Wande Coal

Allow me first of all to tell you know impressed I am.. Or rather how impressed “we” are! And by “we” I write on behalf of all Nigerians , Africans and Lovers of Good music !

If we call you the vocal messiah, I wouldn’t call that blasphemy ! You are the savior of good music we’ve been waiting for! You came to save us of the mediocre music we’ve been managing and listening to since 2000-and when you dropped Mushin To mohit! Don’t get me wrong ! Wizkids album was overly impressive and good ! So was davidos album.. This letter isn’t intended to spite anybody !

I’m writing this due to the happiness I feel like falz said, because you put the whole world on “hiatus”! Because that album was the only compact disc I also first bought with my hard ‘H’earned money !!! I #Wanted something from you after you starved us of good music.. And your album is the true definition of “he who laughs last laughs best”! And relatively to we your fans ? The best adage should be “the patient dog eats the fattest bone” !

From your intro with Seyi Law GCFR of Nigeria comedy, to Adura, which is really inspiring and motivational, as it speaks your undiluted show of appreciation, to Track 3 “SUPERWOMAN”!! Please wait! Bia, pause what were you thinking ? You can’t just go for years and Come back and drop such a beautifully composed bomb on us! You gave us the Raw you !!! The old wande coal style !! The lyrics got me crying inside a bucket GRADUALLY! Then WE began to BALL not to the same (old) SH*T we were given but to your MONSTER jams! I say unequivocally and emphatically that you are better than other people’s favorite artist ! They either agree or argue with their Landlord ! lol!

See! That your skit that falz did! Track 7!!! If thay skit were to be a chocolate type,, it would be called “Skittles” ???? That has got to be the best skit he’s ever even done in his whole SKITtleNess.. I mean is falz even normal ? Isn’t he aware he’s a bag of talent ? He’s a gloriously talented basterd! Pls allow me.. I mean what was he about ? The entire compilation for the #Wanted album never had a down side… From track 1-21 was like you were gathering a momentum !! None want below standard ! I can say this with joy that every #AfricanLady loves your album and you are probably everyone favorite artist right now.. To others dragging for that position ? Pls tell them to wait in line.. #Ashimapayin ko ti kan wan! Lord knows this #Weekend would be a deadly one !! We are going to die on the line ! Because I don’t see how you would decide to murder us on a track well prepared by berry pon dis! Allow me deviate a bit! Maleek berry!!! Maleeeekk!!! Is that youuuuuu bladd?? Your beats have gone from fundamental to the real deal !! You’ve evolved and Godbless you for growth ! You delivered !!! I was beginning to think it was a Wande coal x maleek berry album! I’ve got nothing but #PlentyLove for you both mehn!

Because all the songs on this album would #MakeYouWhine and bless 2face for the legendary delivery on this well made track… Wande you’ve gone #Lowkey do too long and this album is a testimony ! It’s a proof that good things take time.. If I ever doubted your vocal consistency and good music delivery prowess one time in my life pls forgive me.. “Igba aimo ni.. Omode je lon semi nigba naa” (that was my days of being a novice and o was only being a kid)

The album is sweeter than #Jelly! And pls what is #Kpono? Because boy!! You and wizzy are like bread and #Jelly!! Sweet together ! You guys have this chemistry together whenever you jump on a track ! Thank you wande coal for the wait ! I was worth it !

*grabs handkerchief* *Wipes tears*

Again I say Wande coal is not your best artists mate!!!! Better know ! most #Wanted N!gga in the game ! ???????????????????????????????? I argue with your landlord

Ride on brother cos we’ve got you as much as you’ve got us

My name is @pexxie and I’m not a writer… I just wanted to play around and say how I feel ????????????

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