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“Negro House” is a music group based in Port-Harcout and with its C.E.O “KENDRICK”, who is a Blogger, Poet and a Student.. The group is managed by “Fab” who is also the group’s official producer.

Faagi who was recently signed to the House was interviewed by Jukebox Media. Here is what you need to know about him.

With the birth name, Uchenna Daniel Okorie who is the 3rd child out of 5 hails from Abia State, Eastern Nigeria. He was born on the 14th of June, 1999.

“How Did You Start Your Music Career?”:

  • Well, I started singing and writing my own songs at the age of 7,but not professionally though. I joined the church choir and also I sang whenever I was free at home, in the bathroom, anywhere. But I started professionally in 2015 doing backups for my elder brother.

How Did You Know That You Were Interested In Music?

  • I already knew that before hand even before I started doing backups and actually, I didn’t have any major support from my family but that hasn’t been a set back, I just keep doing my thing

Which Artistes Influenced Your Music Sound?

  • I listen to almost everybody and all genres of music but Bob Marley, Fela & Wizkid have been the most influential artistes.

How Did You Get Signed To Negro House?

  • I met the manager of Negro House, Fab when I was at the studio recording. He listened to me while I was there in the booth and apparently liked what he heard, so he took my contact and we linked up with the C.E.O and that’s how we put it to paper and pen.

Are You Comfortable With Where You Are ?

  • I’m so excited, I never imagined that I could get so much love from people who ain’t related to me and my team is doing everything possible so that my next single –“Turn Up” is gonna be a success. Well, its dropping on the 25th of this month so expect it on all platforms.

On Artistes He’ll Like To Work With

  • Okay, that’s a very nice question. It’s always been Port-Harcout to the world. Firstly, I would love to work withDandizzy, Negro Gold, Flashy & Zhed,they motivate me in one way or the other. But at large and probably very soon, I would love to work withWizkid because he is my Idol and also Jesse Jagz.

How Often Are Your Fans Going To Hear From You?

  • Well, it depends on the mood and I don’t intend to rush it. I would say 3 months interval before dropping any joint, so I’ll give my fans the best.

What Is Your Message To Upcoming Artistes?

  • First of, we are all upcoming. We are still trying to come up one way or the other. All I’ll say is that you just have to keep doing your shit because you don’t know when and where that opportunity will come.

Thank you for having me, I appreciate

Connect with FAAGI on social media;

Instagram :- i_faagiofficial

Twitter:- faagiofficial

Facebook:- Faagi-Daniel

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