Natty Borax Shares New Single “Sweetness” featuring Chase Forever

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Natty Borax gives us a taste of ‘SWEETNESS’ with his new single!

Ghanaian singer Natty Borax delivers a brand new single titled “Sweetness” featuring Chase Forever.

Born Nathaniel Adjetey Larbie He started his musical journey at the highest level by performing at national Ghanaian festivals: Kiddafest, Ecstasy, Fun world, Recognize.

Natty Borax went on to land his first feature on ‘ahoafe hemaa’ by Deeba. The single’s instant success, particularly among Ghana’s young generation and it led to success of his other singles; particularly, in earning a Ghana Music Award Reggae Song of the Year nomination in 2008 for his hit song, ‘Tene Wonsa’, a poignant song and campaign to improve the living standards of orphans and street children.

The singer then went on a brief haitus only to return with a single in 2016 and blossomed once again.

The new single Sweetness, is an Afrobeats song that brings out all the bringing all the typical Afro sounds in a freshly unique way from 3-2 clave drum rhythm, ornamented percussion with claps, snaps, congas, bongos etc., keyboards & that distinct Afrobeat vocal timbre.

With The incessantly catchy chorus will be stuck in your head endlessly and truly brings the ‘SWEETNESS’ that the eponymous title suggests. ‘There is sweetness in every person & we can trigger it with love and kindness’, says Natty Borax and this is exactly what his new single, featuring singer Chase Forever does – it’s certainly not one to miss.

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Listen below;

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