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With a fiery performance laid on an instrumental that captures her richly driven passion, Shaykeh makes her presence known with new exclusive single titled Gingër.

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Shaykeh’s new offering, Gingër sounds like it was specifically crafted to constantly prompt you to keep dancing. Ginger carries in its belly a live bass guitar played by YomWoody, that drives the vibe forward and keeps the groove coursing through your bones from start to finish, and a production solo at the chorus which brings the already solid record to a beaming climax. With this record, it seems like Shaykeh has crafted a unique artistic formula to create an addictive record.

Shaykeh speaks on her inspiration for the song; “It’s my way of encouraging people, especially women, to step into their element and let loose. Regardless of what society or what the next man/woman has to say, the moment you own your vibe, you’re unstoppable. So in plain words, Just Dance.”

The song was produced by sonically gifted producer, 01FRNCH recognized by his signature sound, the witch’s cackle; whom Shaykeh reveals that she has been working closely with for over a year and speaks highly of more collaborations with him to be found on her forthcoming debut project, The Subtle Art of Seduction. 

“The EP is going to be a very indulgent experience, I have made sure of it and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!”


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