Concerned Fan Pens Open Letter To Tekno

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Tekno, please respect yourself.

I am your fan. A huge one at that, but, I should call you to order whenever I feel you are attempting misbehavior.

Listen, there is more to life than breakdancing and making a music catalogue with the names of all the girls that ditched you before your success.

One lesson Nigerians in the entertainment industry should learn is that life is hard here. It could take only choosing the wrong partner or fighting for the wrong person for you to become an upcoming again.

Davido and Wizkid have been here before you. This is the wrongest feud to ‘chook’ mouth in. They are mansions. Your career grew from face me I face you to a bungalow after you dropped Pana.

You decided to fight because your friend Davido was told the truth.

I don’t know why Nigerians are allergic to the truth.

Wizkid said Davido possesses a frogs voice and people start wanking as though he blasphemed.

He described Davido’s voice in few sentences. Instead of applauding him for his impeccable summarizing skill people are trying to shade him.

Threatening Wizkid with: “we go soon know who be international” is a very rough play. Your role model wants to be him.

Dude is a burning furnace. He’s a walking and breathing fire. He’s international. Putting Africa on the map with his ‘good’ voice and panache.

Your boss Davido is doing a good job on your head too. At least you sold him your ‘IF’ song which R.Kelly surprisingly jumped on.

They are doing relatively well but even Davido knows that life is more than trumpeting OBO up and down like a horny elephant. He knows this. You do too.

Tekno, its a sad thing you had to gang up with someone that sings about foodstuffs and fruits like you. Y’all are doing keto Music. From cassava to banana. And you’re trading words with a billboard winner?

Chose your enemies wisely. Wizkid isn’t a good enemy.

What he did in 2009 with superstar album cannot be matched with your collection of fruits and plants.

Leave wizkid alone.

I have an unpublished article I wrote about you months ago. I called you a Samsung phone with a Techno casing.

You have potentials. But, never forget that your dream is someone’s reality. Call Kedrick Lamar on the phone for advice.

Sit down son. Be humble.

Your sincerely.

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu.

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu is a young writer and critic who doesn’t respect himself. You may wish to reach him vi[email protected]

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