Charles Badille – Allez

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Nigerian Producer/ Artiste Charles Badille releases a brand new single titled “Allez

Quoatable Lyrics

I can fly…….The Little Boy Said…as he gets up from his sit.
Everyone laughed….
I can really fly. Wooooh…. (*spreads out arms and runs around in circles*)
Your son is crazy they said
I know she replied
Ibukunoluwa, Put your hands down and stop running around
You are making noise she angrily said to the little boy
The boy quietly landed back in to his seat and muttered to himself.
*Landed Safely* with hands in his face* as he crashed into his chair*
What did you just say?
she asked him?
Nothing he said.
The Man Replied.


Listen to new music from Producer and Creator, Charles Badille on this Song Titled – Allez

Aim For Stars Always



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Charles Badille
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