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Music Bank Presents Discover Top 5

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Over the years we’ve seen very few (emphasis on very) good ones make it to the top of the music industry and loads of mediocre artistes that made our music export prospects quite stale.

This few talented ones, have made Nigerian music the fastest growing & most sought after genre in the Western world and Africa at large.  The premium musical export of choice from Africa, to the world. That much said this also creates a need to sustain such quality in order to prevent its saturation with low substandard representation of our sound, to ensure continuous retention of the World’s interest in our music.

Hence the need of a platform that will ensure that future generations of Nigerian Artists will be afforded the opportunity, same as the big leagues, to put out quality content and receive the necessary support to succeed, this is what DISCOVER TOP 5 is about.

DISCOVER TOP 5, feature participants in realtime, Production projects are assigned to them and supervised alongside by seasoned professionals. Songs created are then evaluated by top media & DJ personalities, shortlisting the Top 5 songs to receive radio airplay, interviews & Mixtape features. The Top-5 will also get management representation, international song distribution/publishing deals among other perks.

To sign up for the platform visit: www.facebook.com/discovertop5

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