MATTE releases new single ‘Power’ featuring Cblock Muzic

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MATTE returns with Cblock Muzic to release this summer track ‘Power’.

The song is characterised by an addictive instrumental that fuses Caribbean and UK Urban sounds to keep you coming back for more. Whilst other rappers would have approached this track with a laidback message, MATTE looked within and reached a different conclusion. This rapper acknowledges the obstacles and struggles it takes to come out on top. While calming marimba sounds permeate this track, MATTE reflects on his past and thanks his struggles for making him stronger “I was in the darkness for ages, until I heard a voice saying start making changes’ ‘ . Cblock Muzic comes in on the hook to add a warmth that reminds us of the blessings we receive after facing our challenges. This uplifting track will give you the strength you need this summer and remind you of the divine power within you.

MATTE is a London-based rapper that has channeled his spirit into every verse since he first began rapping. His respect for Grime dates back to before the genre even had a name, MATTE would listen to Deja Vu FM as a teenager and feel inspired to pick up the pen himself. He discovered his ability to find a pocket at any tempo and his progression landed him performances at Eros with his crew ‘Most Wanted’. After taking a break to focus on the birth of his first child, MATTE eventually realised his purpose was to make music that challenged the norm. It was his friendship with reggae artist Cblock Muzic that encouraged him to start recording again, and now MATTE is ready to share a new body of work, due for release later this year.

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