Maleek Berry gives love a new dimension in his new project; Isolation room

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“Berry pon this” is the intro in most of his songs that quickly gives the listener a clue that the music he or she is about receiving in from Maleek Berry. Maleek Berry is a lot of things to music fans depending on how you search . Producer, songwriter and singer ; a whole lot for one person to be and still be extremely good at it .

The current situation of the Nigerian music country is one whereby the sky is broad enough for anyone with talent and platform to shine and explore . Maleek Berry understands this and he is feeding exclusively from it.

Isolation room as the name implies could mean different things depending on the angle you want to take it from . 2020 is undoubtedly a rough and uneasy year for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic and isolation and quarantining has become a common thing . In this case one can argue that “Isolation room” was made during these times or one can still buttress that it’s music made for exclusivity alone .

Regardless of how you see it , this project is an amazing one as the sounds and lyrics all come together to produce a huge effect.

The first track “Faraway” comes off as an amazing love song as Maleek Berry eulogizes his lover and confesses undying love for her and at the same complains of her being too faraway. The song keeps the listener tapping and nodding ones head. Maleek knows how to keep a fan plugged in till the last minute

Free your mind is the next track off the project and this is your regular Afro beat sound. A tune that gets one dancing and he does that while telling an amazing story with the lyrics. Encouraging the listener to “free your mind “ while motivating and inspiring at the same time

Tiwa Savage hops on the third track and the response is epic. A great collaboration and combination of talents. Maleek Berry sings for a girl who knows how to handle her business and “whines her waist “ at the same time. Tiwa’s contribution can not be ignored as it spices up the song. A feminine energy is definitely needed for this kind of vibe .

Sunshine starts off with praises for the persona Maleek Berry is singing to. The lyrics of this track is one that lovers can easily memorize and sing to each other to make one another feel loved and happy. As a producer and songwriter , Maleek knows exactly where and when to connect sounds together to have a great effect.

  Maleek Berry - Isolation Room

The fifth track of the project “Konnect “ leaves the fans dancing and vibing; it has become the song that most people put on repeat ever-since the project dropped. Konnect is easy to relate to as describes a boy dying to meet and connect his love . Maleek’s fan base is without doubt filled up with young people so it is natural to relate to

The next track “One night “ has a serene sax playing in the intro while the whole track comes off as subtle and concise. The Artist begs for one night to probably perfect his love . This is the kind of song you might want to add to your sex playlist

Don’t wanna is the last track of the project and it is really worth the wait . Maleek in this song expresses his feeling about his unstable relationship with his lover. He explains that he does not want to play games and he has no plans to waste time . A deep message for lovers trying to find their pace in a lost love story .

In conclusion, Maleek Berry’s sound is different and even in the height of its uniqueness; he makes it in a special way that everyone can tap and relate to. In an industry where majority are nodding heads to just sounds and beats ; Maleek Berry still believes in the art of quality song writing


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