On Loose Talks & Bridled Tongues

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If Iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct” – Ecclesiastes 10:8

This line from the Holy Bible was evidently nowhere close to the “Loose Talk Giants” on the day they recorded the edition of their podcast which was released on Monday, 25th of September, 2018.

I’ve followed this podcast on and off for a while since the infamous rap culture discourse which saw Osagie & rapper M.I Abaga lock horns. While I’ve disagreed with some of their views and agreed with others, one thing I’ve admired the show for is their intention of always being blunt. However, this particular episode takes it over the line and I’ll explain why subsequently

The podcast seemed to be going on well and then the first shock came from the 55th minute where Osagie stated that Teni shouldn’t be a singer but a songwriter. What exactly is wrong with her doing both? What is wrong with her choosing to stick with singing than songwriting? Why do people feel they have an idea of what you can or can’t be? Who died and made Osagie & co brand and image experts? Why not tell Adele or Ed Sheeran to quit singing while you’re are it. How are you going to call Wizkid out on his homophobia then do the same thing with ruling out a whole career because the talent is tomboy(ish)?


The media plays a vital role in turning the tide of violence/hatred in the society right now and I am disgusted to say the least at how Osagie & his gang handled the supposed “information” at their predisposition. Firstly, the whole world is aware of the history between Wizkid and Davido and their recent moves to exist peacefully. Why would you think that this was a good time to draw comparisons, and not just about their music. This was about their private lives! When they draw swords again, I do hope you’ll not be the one trying to preach the benefits of having Nigeria’s two biggest stars working together.

If any of the things Osagie & co said about Wizkid was true (and I repeat “IF”), I struggle to believe this is how they thought best to table the matter. There are grave allegations made on that podcast which was careless and uncalled for. Unless they have proof to back up their series of claims, I suggest they get a lawyer because they just open themselves up to a barrage of lawsuits.

Expensive talks come with expensive consequences but like I said at the beginning of this, “Wisdom is profitable to direct”. Shalom.


Listen To Loose Talk Below;


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