Living Alone And Not Being Lonely

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Being alone is often equated with loneliness and has negative connotations. Yet many people make a conscious decision to live alone – and thus lead a self-determined life with more time to enjoy live betting.


Never before have so many people lived alone as today. There are more and more single households, especially in the big cities. According to the Federal Agency for Civic Education, in 1970 only one in four households (25.1 percent) was a single household. Today, the figure is already around 42 percent, and rising. Many people choose this lifestyle out of conviction.


The reasons are many and varied. Everyday life is often dominated by stress, deadlines and discussions. Exhaustion and fatigue spread. It can be nice not to have to talk at home. Relationships can become boring if you see each other every day. Nature and the environment become much clearer and more distinct when you look at them alone. Finally, many people feel it is freedom to live alone.


Time for yourself, peace and independence: For example, if you have lived with friends in a three-person shared apartment and then many move into their own apartment. Because the time for itself and also rest were missing. The circle of friends was large, there was always a lot going on – too much. On trips that many make alone, you can find that being alone is good. You can choose when you want to be alone and when not. Alone you can do things without having to discuss them first. She could decide something and change her mind at the same moment, just as she wanted. You don’t have to compromise or ask anyone. You are independent.




In the end, many people feel that living together in a shared apartment is nothing more than living side by side. Everyone came home at some point, sat down on the couch and watched something on TV or their cell phone. In addition, one is increasingly dissatisfied with the household and resents the roommates, which also affects the friendship. It may be that the friends who lived together before don’t see each other as often today as they did in WG times, but their friendship has more quality.


A quarter can imagine life without a partner.


In a recent survey on the topic of loneliness, 26 percent said they did not need a partner relationship to lead a fulfilled life. That is the result in which 11,000 people from northern Germany took part. They gave reasons such as: “I simply enjoy my freedom, my time for myself alone” or “There’s a lid for every pot, but I’m a wok – I need a lot of space and time for myself. My kind doesn’t mix with the concept of a relationship.”


Or finding peace in nature

Many people find peace and relaxation when they are alone in nature.

In nature, like many other people, you can find peace and relaxation and be with yourself.


Having something just for yourself:


Having time to yourself is also important because you need a balance to your stressful work life. You need a place to retreat to, so you can come back with more energy.


Healthy self-care with new life concepts:

Often people who demand their space are seen as selfish.  It’s important to make clear that being alone or seeking your own life models need not be antithetical to community. Many people would seek community, but not in the templates and concepts that were modeled for them, such as the classic family model of father, mother, child. In addition, it depends on the right dosage of solitude and community; it should correspond to one’s own needs.


For them, taking space just for themselves is healthy self-care, an “act of self-love”: “I am enough for myself and I try to shape my life according to my wishes and feel complete with myself. I don’t always need to look outside for my identity, my worth.”




Family is not always a haven for love and companionship. An important and neglected topic for Diehl is how much one can become lonely even in families and in partnerships. This affects women in particular, because they are taken over by the needs of family members, husbands and children. They lose themselves in this family work and have little free space for themselves, for example, to promote other circles of friends.




Diehl advises trying out being alone and trying to draw strength from it. For starters, she recommends a visit to a museum or concert, where you can immerse yourself in the crowd but enjoy it alone. That can be a way to get to know the qualities of being alone without discomfort.


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