Latino Naijano returns with New Single ‘Sugar Zaddy’

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Nigerian Born US Based AFrobeats artiste Latino Naijano returns with New Single ‘Sugar Zaddy’

Latino Naijano is back with his entrancing feel-good, Afrobeats track ‘Sugar Zaddy’. This song adds an easy-going, and cheerful spin on the controversial, modernised relationship of a ‘Sugar Daddy’ and his ‘Sugar Baby’, boasting airy synths, addictive percussion, and eastern flutes on top of vibrant vocals from the artist.

An independent artist based in Queens, NY, Latino Naijano is here to add a flair to the Afrobeats scene. His beginnings as a professional musician started in 2004 in Nigeria while he was an undergraduate at Obafemi Awolowo University. The stage name is a play on his roots, with Latino representing his birth name Laitan (Olaitan) and Naijano representing his Nigerian heritage. His debut EP ‘Let It Flow’ was recorded from his home basement in Queens and released in 2020. After taking a break in 2010, Latino Naijano broke back through in 2020 to fully embrace his musical side and sound with his single ‘Jaiye Jaiye’.

The chorus os the song Sugar Daddy is distinctively catchy, with lyrics such as: “Don’t tell me nothing (Oh o o) I’ve been longing for your loving (Oh o o) Don’t tell me nothing I’ve been yearning for this loving (yearning yearning) Don’t tell me nothing, this is what I want (This is what I want) Don’t tell me nothing, don’t tell me nothing Sugar (sugar zaddy) Sugar (sugar Zaddy) Make I be your zaddy, your zaddy (I wanna be your Zaddy)”. Latino Naijano wrote and recorded the track in just under a year, taking his time to “communicate his message without glorifying the typical sugar daddy relationships we are all very familiar with”. ‘Sugar Zaddy’ is a bright and catchy Afrobeats track for any music fan to enjoy, especially in the run up to Christmas where sharing gifts takes the stage. Be sure not to miss it to discover the best of Latino Naijano.

‘Sugar Zaddy’ now marks a bright future for Latino Naijano. Make sure you follow his journey of unapologetic self-expression and freedom as he ventures further into his career. You won’t want to miss out on the fun-filled Latino Naijano.

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