King Nefthaly returns with New EP ‘Winnings In Struggles’

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King Nefthaly empowers listeners with his Christian Afrobeats EP ‘Winnings In Struggles’

Emerging artist King Nefthaly is back with his latest EP ‘Winnings In Struggles’, striving to empower with his laidback Afrobeats tracks. The project spanned over a few months, and was put together with a strong urge to inspire listeners: “I need the whole world to know that, as long as you keep on believing in God, you will always be a winner. We have to rise up and put Jesus’s Flag high, high and high”. Production adapts Afrobeats over a range of instrumentation, serving up acoustic guitar sections, traditional African percussion and other, more modern hip hop elements.

Debuting in 2020, Lesotho based artist King Nefthaly fuses Christian values into his Afrobeats/Hip Hop sound. His first release was created with the help of Moeketsi Monyake, one of the best producers in the country, who produced, mixed and mastered each track. The album, titled ‘Mighty Warrior’ represented the first taste of Nefthaly’s perspective and sound. Since then, he’s proven an insatiable drive to release music, sharing a multitude of singles, collaborating with upcoming Texas artist Herb Flav, and making a name for himself in Lesotho.

King Nefthaly also uses his voice skilfully to amplify his messages about God’s unconditional love and more. ‘God Loves Me 2’ stands out for entrancing harmonies, and ‘Pullings’ catches attention with Nefthaly’s coughing sounds- sure to represent the struggles he touches on. Pure, soulful, and motivational, catch King Nefthaly once again with ‘Winnings In Struggles’.

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