Kendickson’s “Ride Or Die” becomes Viral Tik-Tok Sensation

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Nigerian Singer Kendickson has probably released one of the Viral Tiktok songs of 2022.

Released in June 2022, The Afro dancehall artiste’s song was being used in a TikTok challenge that would take his music straight to the ears of millions of fans around the world. Since the challenge began, “Ride Or Die” has been used as a soundtrack By Couples in more than 170,000 videos.

The 25-year-old Amu Kingsley, an upcoming act in the mainstream Nigerian music industry has grown to have a massive presence on Instagram and TikTok because of the release of his song Ride or Die.

In Most videos, Lovers are seen showing their various partners Love and caring for them. Speaking on His inspiration with Music Website Jukebox Music Kendickson stated “When I recorded ‘Ride Or Die’, that was how I was feeling, so I put it into music.

The 26-year-old singer who started his musical journey in 2011 but went professional in 2016 shows off his skills in “WAYO,” after quitting a potential career in medicine for music.

He has also received a lot of awards among which are the prestigious City People Music Award as the best new act of the Year, 2019 Stream Awards, and many others as the next rated super star.

The song is featured in videos of afro-dances; reactions or replies to challenges or questions, sometimes from a loved one or crush. Some of the funniest videos under the challenge feature videos of Nigerian social media influencers

Amassing Over 2M streams across social media in less than a month, The song has grown on alot of people and also amongst the most popular Tik-Tok Challenges this few weeks

TikTok’s impact on music in Africa is growing and proving to be a massive support for artistes who may now create and strengthen the reach of their music beyond the continent, without a bank-breaking marketing campaign.


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