July Drama Shares New Album “I hope this brings you peace”

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July Drama has been on a steady rise since his early days on Soundcloud, and albeit still a burgeoning artist, the singer/song-writer has kept his fans satisfied with the consistent release of new projects. In 2019, the artist released his debut album Tryst, which featured a few artists including Wavy the Creator and Prettyboy D-O. Since then, July Drama has dropped multiple singles, an album titled Silent Knight and now, his latest album i hope this brings you peace.

The artist’s 10-track album expresses his usual soothing R&B style with heavy reggae influences noticeable right from the intro, which coupled with the artist’s cool and raspy voice, assembles a flirty rhythm capable of seizing his audience in a trance-like state. At first listen, the title track Dreams came through appears to be a typical love song, where the subject is a woman and her hypnotic ways. However, July Drama goes deeper into the essence of persevering despite the circumstances thrown at you. He sings “Persistence, consistency, we will always got to end up with something…. everybody trying to break us down, but we give thanks like the Christians, no matter the circumstances.” His attempt to balance the otherwise superficial track is admirable. Kaeko shows off her extraordinary vocals, earning herself a self-titled track Kaeko’s Interlude and another feature on face me i face you.

Although July Drama strives to maintain a semblance of anonymity with his colourful makeshift ski masks, the artist is willing to give us a peek into his emotions and reservoir of talent.

Listen to i hope this brings you peace here:


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