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Jukebox Throwback Thursday: Angelique Kidjo, Awilo Logomba & Koffi Olomide

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Welcome back to JTT! Let’s get to it!

Today we have three legendary artistes for you all the way from Republic of Benin and Congo.

Angelique Kidjo – WomboLombo

Our Queen Angelique Kidjo is our first artiste. She hails from the Republic of Benin and her mum is Nigerian. Her hit back in 1996 called ‘WomboLombo’ is still a national anthem globally as it appealed to every music lovers globally!

Listen and Enjoy

Cover Art
Angelique Kidjo
Downloads: 151 Plays: 52

Awilo Logomba – Karolina

When you hear Carolinaaaa!!! we all know that waist is doing its thing!

Awilo is one of the most popular artiste that hails from Republic of Congo, he is widely known globally and has produced many hits back to back.

Listen and Enjoy

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Awilo Logomba
Downloads: 109 Plays: 10


Koffi Olomide – Loi

Yes Koffi Olomide! As Nigerians will say our Makosa MVP. Just like Awilo, he hails from Republic of Congo. Loi is one of the singles from his album also called Loi in 1997. The single made such a massive wave globally and if it was played at every birthday parties, weddings and any events you could think of!

Listen, enjoy and booogie to it!

Cover Art
Koffi Olomide
Downloads: 57 Plays: 3


See you all next week and do not forget to comment!


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