Jukebox Lists: Top Ten Songs You Should Listen To This Week

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Jukebox Music Staff Picks A List Of Songs You Need To Listen To This Week


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1) KiDi – Adiepena (Prod. By Da Beat God)

Ghanaian singer-songwriter and producer, KiDi, brings us his new smash hit ‘Adiepena’ following on from his popular song ‘Odo’.

Listen: KiDi – Adiepena


2) Nate feat. MSA & Eindo – Ngeke Balunge

The formidable Nate comes through with a “power to the people” driven tune alongside MSA and Eindo. Ngeke Balunge sounds like a new age protest song that the kids can chant and dance along to, especially if you draw inspiration from the powerful song artwork.
The phrase, “Ngeke Balunge,” is also something a lot of people can relate to when coming to ambition, determination and resilience. Nate brings out his undeniably unique flavour in this new song and he etches his position in your heart much deeper with every piece of music he creates. He and Eindo are a perfect blend as they compliment each other’s sounds well. The sound is authentic, inviting, and rather gripping. Although the lyrics are minimal throughout the song, the message of strength and “inkane” are trending from beginning to end. Nate makes it known that he’s here to claim his place in the game and nothing will stand in his way. That’s the spirit! This is music to certainly pick up your mood.
3) Traplanta feat. Odunsi – Own That (Prod. By Odunsi)
In Nigeria, confidence is often misconstrued as an absence of humility. Most times, the expectation is that one shouldn’t acknowledge their achievements or the heights they’ve reached in public. With American sensibilities, it’s no surprise the Traplanta Army’s latest release, Own That, strays from what you’ve probably come to expect from Nigerian musicians as it in no shape or form subscribes to Nigerian notions of humility.
Confidence is sky high from the jump as Odunsi The Engine takes charge of the hook likening the morning he’s having to Michael Jordan who personified nerve as an athlete. The aura is infectious as Section enters the fray with the opening verse requesting the knockoffs quit jacking his sauce. On the second verse, OBA is on high guard about love dismissing the topic with the suggestion that love is cheap. On the final verse, Kash drops basketball references and comes for the clones as you’d expect.
Own That is another testament of Odunsi’s range as a musical mind as he joins the trappers from Traplanta for a record you couldn’t have envisaged. Own That is for big ballers by big ballers.

4) Tau Benah & Fresh L – Everything (Send It Cover)

While covers are abundant, good covers are few and far between. Most times, you hear a cover and end up feeling underwhelmed because of what you’ve had to endure but also often so disturbed by it that you can no longer appreciate the original record for what it was. With Tau Benah and Fresh L’s Everything though, that’s not a worry you have to figure out as they extract the essential from Ashford and Simpson’s 1977 soul track, Send It and sprinkle their touch.
Altering the original by switching up the chorus and verses of the husband-and-wife songwriting-production team, Tau Benah succeeds at maintaining the mood but incorporating a Nigerian feel while Fresh L delivers a slowed down verse that could only make you think about your lover.

5) AB Crazy feat. The Fraternity- Bitter Sweet

AB Crazy is here with a new jam “Bitter Sweet” featuring The Fraternity. The track is the typical smooth AB Crazy flavour which immediately welcomes you as soon as you tap into the song.
He and The Fraternity exchange good vibes as they sound like brothers having a conversation about bro-code, genuinity, and challenging the pretentious status quo of a lot of interactions these days. When Muzee comes on he makes sure to send statement about what real G’s are all about, including reflecting on how far music has gotten him. AB is in a good space and you can tell from the music, this song will have you wanting to do a “squad goals” video which is something that AB ironically always manages to invoke with his songs. Remember NOBODY? He oozes a celebratory sense of brotherhood, safe to say he’s his brother’s keeper? Bet!

6) Chyn – Desire/Eiffel Tower

Smooth flow rapper Chyn, drops something new for the fans jumping on Odunsi’s Desire instrumental to spit some witty bars as usual. Chyn never disappoints with his catchy deliveries and this is not an exception.

7) TeePhlow – Preach (Prod. By HBOo)

Spyder Lee Entertainment drops this dope new single from it’s signee Teephlow. Dubbed PREACH, this is a low tempo hip-hop/rap tune that talks about major issues in our music industry. Teephlow is one of the most underrated rappers of our time but with time his light will definitely shine for the world over to see. Full of flow, delivery and lyricism, “PREACH” makes up for what the Ghana rap game is lacking, dopeness.

8) DreamTeam feat. Emtee & Reason – Sosha (Remix) 

As we gear up for the new music that DreamTeam has been promising us for the past two weeks, we get a clearer picture of what to expect ahead of the first drop tomorrow. A remix for their last single Sosha with Emtee and Reason are on the cards. Who remembers when people from Soshanguve (Pretoria) were all ruffled up when DreamTeam first dropped the original thinking they were referring to the hood? Hilarious. I won’t lie, the remix collaboration already sounds colourful and we can’t wait for the end result.
The last time we heard from Emtee was on DJ Citi Lyts’ Umalambane and while he tends to his newborn son, Logan, we’re also awaiting the airing of his Rap 4 Me show on GauTV, as well as another episode of the ATM Documentary. Reason on the other hand has been hard at work on his upcoming album, Azania, while also doing a lot of features including a recent 2 in 1 remix for Rigorous Hit The Fan with DJ Zan D and Golden Black.
Although anticipation has been high, luckily for us the music is just one sleep away. Stay tuned.
 9. Minz – Odoyewu
Fire Boy Minz Has Been Consistent releasing songs and also producing for fellow Nigerian artistes, He Recently Produced Gbefun for Rasaki Music Hunco L.A.X
10. Ms. Chief ft Tipsy – Bust My Head
Its Been a while we saw female rappers on the frontline of Nigerian hiphop actually feature each other and bring something for the fans, Independent acts Ms.Chief And Tipsy join forces for this single titled Bust my Head and its worth it

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