JBVIDEO: Jhybo – “Adura Elijah”

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A  birthday treat for Jhybo’s fans, Lima Music releases  the visuals to Adura Elijah, an inspirational & thought provoking song. The simplistic  & beautiful video reflects the powerful  mood of the song,  shot in Lagos by the creative directors Frizzle & Brizzle. 


Jhybo  first released  Adura Elijah in early December 2015, the feedback from fans, friends, bloggers & radio stations since then has been phenomenal. The inspiring song has seen Jhybo gain a plethora of new fans from all walks of life leaving  moving & touching  comments. 


“Jhybo  ‘Adura Elijah’  is my song this month, very inspirational and speaks my mind on a matter. God bless people who sing meaningfully.


“Jhybo – Adura Elijah Best song that captures my mood and this significant date in my life.”


“Adura Elijah has become my most played song in the past few days !!! Great tunes & awesome lines”


“Just can’t stop listening to this great jam #Adura Elijah by @Jhybo this jam gets me going all day…! Nice 1 bruh”


“Kai Sweet Kam, I just think Jhybo is underrated – Adura Elijah”


“Adura Elijah don turn to anthem in my ears ohh, I no fit even change am” 


Jhybo is finally getting the recognition & respect  he deserves in the music industry, a unique & versatile talent.  As the team celebrates Jhybo’s birthday  we are looking forward to and anticipate a good year for Lima Music  – watch this space.

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