JBVIDEO: ED iZycs – “Bloody Rose”

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CADILLY Entertainment’s jazz sensation and international brand, ED iZycs releases his follow up single ‘Bloody Rose’ having debuted with ‘Celebration’ which got massive commendation both home and abroad. In this jazzy masterpiece, the highly blessed flutist and pianist tells the sad tale of undying love, betrayal and death. ‘Bloody Rose’ was self-directed by ED who already has a long list of videos to his credit including: YQ’s ‘Nawo Nawo’ , ‘Tear Rubber’ and ‘Hero’s Smile’, Dj Humility’s ‘Bad Man’, ‘Sisi Jojo’ and his own debut single ‘Celebration’ just to mention but a few. ED iZycs who is the newest addition to the CADILLY family is the record company’s reply to critics who are of the opinion that good music is a thing of the past in Nigeria.


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