JBVIDEO: Angel – “Leyla” featuring Fuse ODG

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Digging in on that globalized sound that he established with “On The Low,” British-born Grenadian singer-producer Angel and Fuse ODG, an English singer of Ghanaian decent, married their influences for “Leyla.” It’s a bright wave of afrobeat rhythm and R&B that is, blessedly, crashing down just in time for the official start of summer; get into it above, with the equally vivid video that was shot in Lagos.
Angel explained his interest in this melding of sounds and perspective. “I’ve been brought up in an environment that embraces all cultures,” he explained. “My dad toured the world with big reggae artists and his own group. Every time he came off tour he would talk about his experiences in each place he went; one place in particular was Africa. Being from Granada in the Caribbean, we were always educated about our roots in Africa and how important it is to identify where our ancestors originated.”
And who better to explore this with than Fuse, whose 2014 afrobeat hit “T.I.N.A. (ThisIsNewAfica)” Angel helped to produced! “When I first heard Fuse ODG’s music it naturally resonated with me,” he wrote. “It was only right I got him to feature on my new summer track as it gave us an opportunity to mix my R&B and Caribbean influences with his Afrobeat sound.”




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