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Goodmorning everybody, sorry this took so late, have been a bit below the weather but I’m better now.
So now let’s go straight to the business of the day. Last week quite a number of songs came out and I have selected some for review.

P.S This is my own opinion & you don’t have to totally agree with it.



1) SOMETHING IS STINKING (Sossick ft Ola Dips)

When I first saw the link of this song I was just like ok Sossick what do you have to offer, with Respect to Dagrin The CEO himself Sossick did a great job but after his death we have hardly heard from him.
But then this song is extremely dope & even there is someone you need to watch out for and his name is Ola Dips, that dude is spitting fire…. He was the one that rapped throughout the song and trust me he nailed it althru & the beat of the song too was really nice !!!

I will rate the song 8/10

DOWNLOAD Sossick –”Something Is Stinking” featuring Ola Dips

Y’al remember the guy that won’t Idol Music Competition this year ? I mean that guy with the Fuji thingy, he’s back with a new single and In my opinion the guy did a very good job & you know he got vocals.
Trust me this song Is the kind of song you wanna listen to daily cos the lyrics are really nice !

Nice one K Peace I will rate this song 7/10

DOWNLOAD: K-Peace – “Orire”

3) EARTHQUAKE (Sina Rambo ft Davido)
Hmmmmn this song to be honest isn’t nice asides the fact that Davido took the hook of the song, Sina Rambo needs to work a whole more on his content & just improve more on his line because his lines in this song are lines upcoming artists in Universities can drop and we go like “what did he say” so why is nobody asking what did Sina Rambo say ?
Not really all that for me I will rate it 4/10

DOWNLOAD Sina Rambo – “Earthquake” featuring Davido

So I was expecting something very Spiritual going by the title but this song is all shades of razz & raw… I don’t know what Q Dot was thinking but this song is just wrong and the lyrics are just not it !!!!
Maybe he thinks going raw will sell you out more, brother I’m sorry but u didn’t sell out to me.

DOWNLOAD: QDot – “Alhaji”

5) KONI KONI (2Kriss ft Lil Kesh)
Just because I haven’t heard something from 2Kriss in a long time and i know them to be quite dope and very good in production.
So the song is really nice on its own going by the title and going By the lyrics it wasn’t bad at all but then I just don’t connect with the song and I don’t know why.
Maybe the production ? But Lil Kesh did well tho.
I will rate it 5.5/10

DOWNLOAD:2Kriss – “Koni Koni Love” featuring Lil Kesh

Alright guys that’s my review for this week based on some songs released last week.
I will be back again next week because Naija artists will always release songs anyways

– @iamTBecks

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