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This is just my personal opinion of what I feel about some selected songs I review weekly, you don’t need to totally agree with me !!!!
So lemme start.

1) SOMEBODY GREAT (Korede Bello ft Asa)

So this song came out and I didn’t even have a clue and then I saw almost everyone on my updates playing the song then I went to download it to even listen to what everyone was hearing considering the calibre of artists that came together.
To me the song wasn’t all that dope to be honest, I was expecting something better than that from both artists, it was like they just rushed into making the song & didn’t really calm down.
But the production was nice, you know it’s Don Baba Jay lol.
Okay so I will rate the song 5

DOWNLOAD: Korede Bello – “Somebody Great” featuring Asa

2) IS IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (Lil Kesh ft Patoranking)

When I first saw the promo picture of this song on IG by Olamide I was just laughing because to see “Kesh” sing something about love to me was really surprising.
The song is really nice because it shows another side of Kesh even though he can’t sing he puts in energy into the song and the Patoranking did a good job too.
To me the song is really nice and is definitely a club banger !!!
Thumbs up Kesh & Pato
I will give give them 8/10

DOWNLOAD: Lil Kesh – “Is It Because I Love You” featuring Patoranking

3) FEELING THE BEAT (Dj Jimmy Jatt ft Wizkid)

Coming from the success of his jump off this song dropped and even though I’m not really a Wiz fan, you cant help but love the song, Wiz’ vocals really came out and the production was quite dope !!!
I will rate the song 7/10

DOWNLOAD: DJ Jimmy Jatt – “Feeling The Beat” featuring Wizkid


Y’al know Cdq’s just has this energy and ginger he puts into songs and then he’s now on a song with mr Baddo himself, I didn’t expect anything less from them even though the song is Razz & they said its a freestyle, it still is a hit and mad song !
Give it up to the two artists.
I will rate the song 6/10

DOWNLOAD: CDQ & Olamide – “Woss Wobi”

5) LET’S RELATE (Baci ft Davido)

Okay so I saw this song and i was automatically attracted because Davido was on it, Yes I’m a Davido fan deal with that.
The song is really nice to be honest Baci’s has Vocals & Davido has auto tune loool.
But the lyrics of the song was really nice and the production was great too.
For an artist that isn’t so known yet he didn’t do badly for himself.
I will rate the song 7/10

DOWNLOAD: Baci – “Lets Relate” featuring Davido

Alright so that’s my review for this week be sure to drop your comments and if you haven’t downloaded any of the songs please refer back to our home page & we will def find it.
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Have a great week ahead !!!


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