JBAudio: Mr. 2Kay & The Jonsers – “Who No Like Better Thing”

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While Mr. 2Kay’s “Bad Girl Special Remix” is still having a swell time on some of Nigeria’s best music chart shows, such as Olisa’s Top 10 Countdown on Beat FM and on Rhythm FM’s Top 20 Nigeria Countdown, the Grafton Entertainment frontrunner is gearing up to release his next single. However, the upcoming single will have to wait a bit for this beautiful rendition titled – “Who No Like Better Thing”.

“Who No Like Better Thing” is a song by Mr 2kay with Ayzed and Hans, both of who make up the group called ‘The Jonsers’. It was produced by Ayzed with vocals by Mr. 2Kay. The song tells a very simple story about life and its reality. Though rendered in Pidgin language, “Who No Like Better Thing” is a song with a universal meaning, which stresses on the fact that – everybody wants the good life and Mr. 2Kay delivers this message effortlessly.

Followers of Mr. 2Kay’s music will be familiar with the name – Ayzed, as he is the magic finger behind the “Bad Girl Special” projects. He is also responsible for some of 2Kay’s songs like”, “Kosi Were ft Rugged man”, “Thumbs Up” and others off the ‘Waterside Boy’ album. It may interest you to know that Nigeria’s dancehall queen, Cynthia Morgan, has also tasted from the ‘beat pot’ of the talented producer.

Hans on the other hand is an artiste, producer and video director. He also was part of Mr 2kay’s Waterside boy album with production credits for beat for my heart and die for you. Hans also had a single called Boma. This song, “Who No Like Better Thing”, projects the versatility of the artiste called Mr. 2Kay and just before you assume that you’ve heard the best of him, wait till he drops his next album!





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