I’m Still Stoked To Be On Biggie’s First Posthumous Track in 17 years – Bella Alubo

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Bella Alubo, real name Mabel Oine Alubo is a Nigerian R&B, Alternative singer and songwriter born on August 9th, 1993 in Benue state but grew up in Plateau state capital, Jos.

Not much is known about where the talented songstress had his primary and secondary school education but we are aware that she graduated from University Of Jos with a degree in Microbiology.

Bella starting her career in music at a very young age, she begun writing poems which fueled by her thoughts and emotions at the age of 12, and when she clocked 16 she has already gotten inspirations from Lil Wayne to write her own rap verses.


Bella’s released her first piece of work, a cover to Kanye West’s “Theraflu” in 2012 after becoming intrigued by the success of acts like M.I, Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz who were from the same town with her.


Recently, We Sat With Her to have a conversation about Music, her past achievement and what we should expect

Bella, it’s good to have you again. It’s been 4 years since our first interview—a lot has changed.

It’s good to be chatting with you guys again!

What does music mean to you? Is that where you find your expression and solace?

Music to me is passion, as well as ambition. It’s one of the ways I express myself creatively, but also something I look at as a career. I find that professionalism in music helps me maintain my individuality as a human being and not just an artist. So, I find solace in music as well as other very important spheres of my life because living is what inspires the music.

What is the inspiration behind the kind of music that you make, seeing that Afrobeats is where every other artiste is leaning into?

Everything about being alive feeds my creativity. From routine to emotion. Poetry was one of my earliest forms of writing and I think words have a way a capturing the tiniest details that make moments special. I want people to connect to my music regardless of age, location or whatever. I want them to relate to the feelings they think no one else has and i feel like music has the potential to make everyone feel interconnected and eventually less alone. Afrobeats is so full of life and energy, I love that the world is getting charged with all of that vibe.

Away from you writing and singing music, what else fascinates Bella Alubo? What else do you enjoy doing?

This year I’ve been passionate about a handmade jewelry business I started called Luvv by Bella. I got a MSc in International Management and Business Development but I’m fully an artist with a very capable team, so I just always wanted that business baby to develop.
I started it at the end of January and the interest has been crazy, especially from other artists. I think people like me who are into uncommon, unique, creative, and avant-garde stuff appreciate the fact that every piece is 1 of 1. I recycle and repurpose random items I’ve collected over years in the pieces… like beach stones from Turkey, pendants from thrifting in London, my Mum’s decades old jewelry etc. Making a piece is kind of like fusion in music cos I love that I can use different cool elements to create a vibe that caters to a particular person. I love how my custom pieces feel specially made for each owner. They’ve been in so many music videos now by artists like Majid Jordan, Rema, Asake and Ycee.

Has there been any difference, reward or struggle as an independent artiste compared to when you were signed under a record label?

I’m no longer independent yay! Haha. Being independent had its perks like being the sole captain of the entire ship but I love having a team with a shared vision. Since I got signed to Benin City Entertainment this year it’s been wins on wins and I’m really excited.

You were listed as one of the promising acts to look out for in 2018, what has that changed for you and your sound?

I’m grateful for any compliments and accolades. I just stay focused on the music and the artistry of it all. I always challenge myself to keep evolving while staying true.

Do you think that the music industry here in Nigeria is male dominated?

All industries are male dominated, but I have the mindset of a winner. To be a winner you have to maintain that tunnel vision towards your goals instead of hyper-focusing on the problems. I’d never unlock the struggles associated with being a woman professional in any field but for me, I find that focusing on the goals is key because no matter who you are they’d be challenges peculiar to you.

You are a songwriter as much as you are an artiste, are there any skills that you possess that makes your creative process easier?

I think my imagination has always been where it’s at lol… I could have a party in my mind. I have so much fun daydreaming and sometimes have to remind myself not to live in my head so much because it can be more fun than reality. Haha. My imagination makes creating second nature to me. I’ve always been creative. From childhood drawings, arts and crafts to story writing, poetry, modelling, rapping, and acting. All glory to God, I feel like my mind can never run dry.

Do you have a constant musical inspiration in the entertainment industry?

Nearly every artist who I think is dope inspires me. I really enjoy embodying everything that I believe is dope, so I’m inspired by nearly everyone.

Recently, you got featured on a song to celebrate Biggie’s 50th posthumous birthday and his first posthumous track in 17 years. What did that mean to you and how did it happen?

Still so stoked about that and I’ll probably always be excited to know a legend we all grew up loving and missing has an official song out with me. It’s a crazy lifetime achievement to me, I feel blessed. I’m acquainted with Victoria Kimani from doing 2 songs together and she connected me to Elliot Osagie. He’s the founder of the L.A-based label I’m signed to and he also works with Biggie’s estate. Everything was kinda happening all at once and he gave me a shot on the song and he believed I smoked it, the entire team loved it and it became a thing. The Diddy adlibs and Ty verse are both so cool. I love the song.

How was working with Ty Dolla $ign like?

I think he’s super talented, his voice is amazing!

Which artists would you love to work with?

I’m open to working with any artist that connects to the vibe and works with the plan. In this moment I’m thinking Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK.

What is next for Bella Alubo? What should we expect?

My team and I have been working on a lot. I can say there’s a lot of music coming for sure.

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