‘I Don’t Have A Godfather Who Will Bankroll Any Tour Abroad’ – Brymo

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Olawale Ashimi, popularly called Brymo, has opened up
on touring outside the nation and his plans towards it.
Speaking with, Brymo, said:

“Who says I’m not interested in pushing my music outside Nigeria?” he asked.
“There is a lot of effort being made. What you haven’t
seen are my tours. You haven’t seen me go on tour
abroad. I don’t have a godfather who will bankroll it.
“It’s only my fans in the US and in the UK that will say,
‘enough is enough, whatever it will take, come here and
perform’ or I decide that ‘okay, I have enough money
now’ let me go to the UK or US and tour.
“But that’s not your primary market. Even if they give
you five Grammy nominations, that’s not your primary
market. If the Nigerian market is not doing great, I am
not doing great.
“Even if I go to Madison Square and fill it up with 25,000
people, if musicians still cannot sell records in Lagos, if
you cannot sell a million copies of your album and take a
break for three years….
“Yes, we still don’t have a great industry so I feel like
constantly trying to contribute to what’s going on here,
trying to improve the quality of the music, trying to work
with my management to improve the quality of the
“I believe those are the things that are most important to
me as a Nigerian artist.”

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