GH Drill – De3 Obr3 Na 3di3

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GH Drill – De3 Obr3 Na 3di3

Ghanaian rapper GH Drill releases latest single ‘De3 Obr3 Na 3di3’ featuring Tax Man


GH Drill, an emerging Drill Music artist who was raised in Peckham but has Ghanaian origin. He started out in his local church choir he earned national radio success and has a lot of potential.

GH Drill has found success releasing music in Twi, a dialect of the Akan language. He has been able to mix his native language and infused it into the UK drill style.

With his new single De3 Obr3 Na 3di3, which features TaxMan, ‘De3 Obr3 Na 3di3’ demonstrates an artist with a real voice, putting their heart on the line, and finding good in the bad.

Busting into the scene with his unique style the rapper tells stories of struggles and how he wants you to see positives in everything

GH Drill believes that you can always find light in the dark. “Although the inspiration for ‘De3 Obr3 Na 3di3′ was picked up from other people’s struggles and stories, I am an artist full of vibes and positive energy.” The dance/drill track is enough to get anyone on the dance floor. It was a long writing process, working to perfect the track, and to detail GH Drill’s raw emotion and depth of feelings.

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