FJB The Composer Rolls Out his brand-new album ‘Eternal 8’

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FJB The Composer and his brand-new album ‘Eternal 8’

FJB The Composer is back with a new Afrobeat album ‘Eternal 8’, revealing an entirely new side to him. The project marks the first time that he introduces his rich voice as a dimension. It was his wife, Ariella Branco, that convinced him to sing on this project, assuring him that not only is he a talented musician/composer, but he also has something important to say. Standing as a professional basketball player, this album is inspired by this man’s sporting career, titled after his jersey number. FJB recalls being strongly moved by his faith whilst writing the album: “It really felt like God’s will using the pen and I was just letting it out”. One thing that the artist felt was really important was that he spread as much love as possible through his words. It all started with the single ‘Impossible’, where he addresses his faith, and not wanting to play in the NBA without God by his side. FJB’s strong value system was then reflected on the rest of ‘Eternal 8’, where he reminds his listeners that it’s family and relationships that will go to the grave above all. One relationship that the artist holds very dearly is the one with his wife, which he displays throughout the album, featuring her as a singer and dedicating track 5 to her. The artist also pays homage to iconic basketball player Kobe Bryant on the album’s title track ‘Eternal 8’. The artist’s goals for his basketball career are also touched upon various times throughout the project.

This album was made in six months in both FJB’s home studio and his friend’s professional studio, he’s also provided visuals for this album, including music videos for ‘Everyday’, ‘F.M.E’, and ‘Impossible’ and more. Full of tasty Afrobeat instrumentals and heartfelt messages, ‘Eternal 8’ is a great project and an interesting insight into the life of FJB The Composer.

Fola Joaquim Branco aka FJB The Composer, is a musician/composer from New York. He’s long term student of the greats, taking inspiration from various icons in the studio and across the basketball court, where he’s known as Fola Branco in the NBA. Branco was originally only pursuing basketball, until a tragic car accident he considers “a God-like experience, changed his vision, and he decided to start his musical career along with basketball career”. Now residing in LA with his wife, he works across various Nigerian genres, including Afrobeats, Classical and Jazz. His composition work has led him to create the FJB Orchestra, where he celebrated the performance of his first-ever composition ‘October Vendemmia Orchestra’ aka ‘O.V.O”; which even received praise from the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Branco has also composed for a short film, titled ‘Whipped’, which went on to air in the TLC Chinese Hollywood Theatre in 2019. He thanks his own unique perspective for the audience he’s attracted with his music, and what a unique stance it is. This musician applies a gospel touch to his fusion of sounds, taking lyrical themes from his basketball career and personal life. Having already reached great milestones in his career already, FJB The Composer now plans to build his fanbase internationally, and promote his YouTube channel, showcasing spectacular visuals to enjoy alongside the album.

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