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If you haven’t heard the name ICent, take note. Icent, is shaking up the Pop scene with his new EP, “its About Time”. Best known for his viral song “Body,” the young hitmaker is pulling out all the stops for his new project. The new EP has features five solid and sultry tracks, “Its About Time” is a soon to be celebrated first effort from the songwriter. We hope to see this release push the young talent into the limelight soon. And with songs like “Hello” and “Odo,” we don’t see why that wouldn’t be possible.

Icent is gifted with an impressive range, tone, and versatility that are on full display on the EP. However, his biggest strength as an artiste is arguably his pen game. His unique voice as a songwriter is a delicate balance between sentimental and street. He has songs that are sweet enough to have girls going crazy (“Odo,” “Hello”), but beats hard enough for dudes to bump as well. This EP is sure to be in constant rotation this season. Making it clear the rising star has what it takes to shine.

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Not sold just through what we’re saying? Take a listen to “Its About Time” and it available in all DSP. It’s MMLT Advancement! @icentofficial

Listen below;

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