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Over the past three years, The Drill genre became popular in The UK and the style hip-hop and can be recognized by its violent, dark lyrical content.

Music as an art continues to grow and evolve; as years pass by different audiences grows for a different genres of music and it continues to grow from there.

Over the past decade, Drill music has continued to occupy space in the hearts of music lover, probably because of its catchy sounds or its aesthetic beats. One thing is obvious- it’s audience is growing . From the U.S to London; Drill music is aggressively taking a spot in the music industry.

Drill music which originated from Chicago In the 2010’s focuses on crime and the daily ordeals of life on the streets. With UK Artistes Like Headie One, Russ, Unknown T, Pa Salieu, Tion Wayne, AJ Tracey, G4Boyz, Skengdo & AM putting the style main stream in their country Nigerians have started doing a genre of drill called 234Drill

For the industry in Nigeria , there is a also a growing system of drill artistes who are trying to make their Mark and solidify drill music as a household sound in Nigeria.

With The 234Drill  genre spreading nationwide and getting more attention, Jukebox Music curates a List of Top Ten Nigerian Drill artists that are owning the genre in the Nigeria right now.



Odumodu blvck

For entertainment savvy people in the city of Abuja and its environs, Odumodu is a regular face in the city . He’s very easy to pick from the crowd – thanks to his signatory Igbo cap . This artistes is on a quest of national dominance. With Abuja already conquered, His mixtapes and EPs are worth every time spent on it .





He’s “Gangland” is immediately catchy right from the first second that the song takes off. Complete gang music that celebrates street credibility and flow. There seems to be some consistent and evident British sound clearly seen in this drill music .



Drae the Alien

Drae has been doing Drill for a year and releasing his content on Music sharing platform Soundcloud

Drae’s mandem is all you need to experience authentic drill sound. The bars are personal and serious. He warns rivals and explains the kind of free lives. He is one of the guys putting 234Drill on the Map


Listen to Mandem By Drae



Jaiye is a Lagos based hiphop head putting 234Drill on the map. The fast rising star came on the radar with the release of his EP “Foreign” which featured traffitti, Dyketunez, Bluef7ame & Tori Keeche and housed 7 tracks

An Outright gangster music, Jaiye’s proper comes off like that hard rap song only that now it’s drill music with full agility. Explicit lyrics and extensive content to make a new drill sound fan feel at home


Listen to Proper By Jaiye


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Alternative hip hop has rap groups like Showdemcamp at the peak of their career . The unique originality that comes that comes with this kind of sounds makes artistes lucky enough to have a defined fan base . Probably, what SDC is for alternative hip hop in Nigeria is what D.S.6 is gunning to be in Nigerian alternative hip hop drill music. Heavily Influenced by UK drill artistes ; it’s evidently seen in their song” TC bop”. This rap group is Lucidly making waves and aiming to become the next big drill stars to watch out for

Listen To TC Bop by D.S.6


Tomi Obanure

The Abuja Based Artiste Tomi Obanure came on the radar with the release of his EP  last year titled No Rest For The Wicked, which showcased his musical abilities and studio grind to date

This artistes has bars for days. Wickedest is a tune that leaves you on you toes; nodding to the beat . He continues to raise the momentum, showing off his bars and flow level.

Listen To Truck By Obanure

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Wickedest By Tomi Obanure

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Qeeb is making you understand that there is no time for fake energy. His drive is crazy and his lyrics on “Smackk him” is personal and violent.

Qeeb is one of few drill artistes that has been around for a while and each time a sound drops, the hunger of a new artiste pops out. Qeeb is telling you that he’s the next big thing in music and most especially in drill sound


Listen To Smack Him By Qeeb



Eniola Havoc

His new song “Kele” has a slow yet engaging sound. Eniola’s pidgin is highly evident in his sound. Identifying fully as an Afro drill artistes, He’s music distinguishes from the rest of because authenticity is embedded in his tune.

It is high time the industry makes space for this new sound. With the rest of the world already getting used to the sound , Nigeria needs to invest in this new art and tap into to for the growth of the creative industry.


Listen To No Play Play By Eniola Havoc






Rhymes and sounds are relatively familiar with this drill artist. He produces that channels great vibes whether as a featured artiste on a song or a lead rapper on a solo song. Mo‘gunz is steadily stating that he’s to stay in this new emerging drill sound .

Listen to Top Boy By Mo’gunz





Droxx the African Chief as he calls himself, is one of the hottest 234Dril guys out there. With “Officer” dropping mid July last year, Droxx has become one of the few fast rising drill artistes, putting in work to reach the top. Collaborating with Mo’gunz in Officer ; the theme of the circle around the struggle for survival in a country like Nigeria, emphasizing the one has to do what needs to be done, in order to make it to the peak

Listen to Officer By Droxx


Cover Art
Droxx & Mo\'gunz
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