Dreamboy Alfa Returns with new single “Budget (Ho-Ho-Ho)”

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Talented Ghanaian artiste Dreamboy Alfa makes his return with the endearing new single ‘Budget ho-ho-ho’, bringing a newfound warm glow this time around.

This sweet, soulful Afrobeat track is about wanting to give everything to your partner, or as Dreamboy Alfa puts it “how you would want to be Santa for the woman you love”.

Well known on the streets of Kumasi, Ghana, Dreamboy Alfa is on a mission to bring the Kumerican Movement to the world. His background in music began in the church, with skills that led him to start recording at just fourteen years old. His singles ‘prettyboysdontcheat’ and ‘joker’ signaled his beginnings as an artist and now he’s back better than ever. He’s now returning once again to expand his loyal fanbase and continues his momentum with ‘Budget ho-ho-ho’. Fans can look forward to a bundle of new singles and material this coming year.

Addictive harmonies and melodies hook you in off the bat, revealing a talented songwriter in Dreamboy as he sings: “Baby don’t take it too personal oo Is your body original oo Body too sweet like vanilla oo Girl Bursting my medulla Sweet likee Fanta She Dey lick am no tire Girl please ,girl please, Oh I go put you for my for my Budgeting” Certainly living up to his name in this one, ‘Budget ho-ho-ho’ is a fun, warm listen sure to catch the attention of countless Afrobeats fans.

Now is a perfect time to join Dreamboy Alfa as he continues to move up in the Ghanaian and Nigerian Afrobeats scenes.

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