Dozzybeat Shows Musical Dexterity in New Single, “Long Distance”

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Dozzybeat Shows Musical Dexterity in New Single, “Long Distance”

Canada-based Nigerian singer, songwriter and music producer Dozzybeat in his new single, Long Distance featuring ”Ugo” portrays an impeccable awareness of his own musical dexterity as an artist as he takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions by switching between vocalizing harmonies and asserting spoken words with rap.

Long Distance, as the title suggests, is a song about keeping in touch with a loved one, virtually, from unattainable distances. In this story vividly portrayed through the confines of its lyrical context, the artist engages his lover in a conversation about how compromises are needed for their specific type of relationship to work. The singer ultimately concludes that he is ready to do anything for this companionship to work.


Long distance is a fine blend of rap and harmonious afrobeats, sounds blended together with interesting lyrics and a voice that understands each part of its delivery

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It is a song for those who linger in the state of longing for a loved one
who’s miles apart.


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