Don Jazzy Is Engaged And Set To Marry This Year,2015

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In a new chat Don Jazzy had with City People magazine, the ace music producer and boss of Mavin Records said that the don is in a serious relationship and he went further to explain what trips him in a woman and what qualities potential ladies who want to snatch him away from his girlfriend should possess.

His words after the cut:

When are you planning to get married?
That one I don’t know ooo. It depends, when God gives me the right woman, I don’t know yet, I have a girlfriend though.

How serious is the relationship with your girlfriend?
As serious as serious can be.

What does it takes to sweep don jazzy off his feet?
Just be real with me, I don’t like lies, if you are real with me, we can blend, because I have trust issues, so it depends on the weirdest kind of truth you can tell me, I don’t want to be thinking there must be something behind, just be real, but physical wise sha, I like lepa to bad

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