Doing it the “Tems” way: “For Broken Ears” Project review

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After an amazing debut single in 2018, Tems found herself on the spotlight. Breaking into the music industry with an alternate song, people have been waiting to see what else this artiste has to offer. With a different sound , she seeks to soar and rise above all barricades and create a space for herself in the industry.

In “for broken ears” Tems seeks to heal , touch and create. Making music with an important messages to pass across, she pours out her into her craft. Conditioning her fans to a style of music that is unique to her alone, her music is for a selective audience that loves alternate sound.

In interference, she opens her heart to the listeners as she sings about the important things that she craves for. Vulnerability and honesty are the important themes in the song.

Tems – Interference

In Ice T , she craves for a love that will work the way she wants to. She seeks to satisfy her lover and do all he wants.


Tems – For Broken Ears

In free mind , she explores the depth of the way which she views life. Explaining in details, the importance of peace of mind and the advantages of being on your own lane.

Tems takes a slow intro into “higher” as she opens up on her experiences about a failed relationship. She explains her inability of going back and forth on vital issues around her life.

In Damages, she tries to put a past lover in his place , emphasizing that she is done with the damages that comes with loving him.

In “the key” she ascertains her spot in the new world she has found herself in. Pointing out that she’s the key to unlock newer heights. She sings about being unstoppable with her fan base solidly behind her.

Tems is different and she is doing it differently ; with an exceptional writing skill, the world has no choice but to stop and witness greatness.


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