Burna Boy’s “Ye” Video Isn’t What We Expected And Here’s Why!

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Burna Boy's "Ye" video isn't what we expected and heres why!

On the 26th of January 2018, Afro-fusion superstar Burna Boy dropped his much awaited album, Outside. The anticipation for this album among die-hard stans like myself was at an all-time high.  2 tracks into the album and you’re already grooving like your life depends on every jiggle of your backside (or whatever is in that position). From there on, it’s a roller-coaster of groovy hits, then track number 7, Ye comes on! Like the infamous item 7 at every party, this was the meal we had all been waiting for and the world gobbled it up with fervent enthusiasm. So much so that it was even christened the new National Anthem by the Government of the Internet.

Fast forward to Monday, after a wait that seemed like years; Burna Boy finally dropped the visuals for the hit single. I don’t know what I expected but definitely not this. Don’t get me wrong, the visuals were awesome as well as the video quality, just not what I was expecting for a “National Anthem” like Ye.

There was a reason the Ye song was loved so much by Nigerian as the lyrics of the track embodies our unmatched hustle spirit. Burna himself told FADER while explaining the video;

Ye is a song that essentially shows the unrelenting nature of Nigerians (where I’m from). We thrive despite the leadership and circumstances. Everyone has big dreams that may or may not be achieved; aspiring to have a Bentley, G-Wagon regardless of their current situation… I was trying to show the general idea behind that expression. Always strive to live your life to the fullest, as we hope for a better tomorrow.

However, the video shows none of the said characteristics aptly described in the song itself, save for the Bentley. In addition to the car, we see Burna Boy dancing to the song (I’m sort of impressed he 2 stepped it instead following the Shaku Shaku trend) surrounded by pretty ladies throwing money in the air with his friends, basically what you can get in 90% of videos out these days. If you doubt me, pick 5 random videos to watch and I bet you’re going to find this scenario in at least 3 of them. The video was supposed to highlight the never-say-never attitude of Nigerian even in the midst of adverse suffering. Burna in a fur coat spraying dollars along with his friends in front of a Bentley just doesn’t cut it, I’m sorry. I’ll however still give props to him for the heavy Fela representation as well which I feel would have done even better at the Afrikan Shrine. My 2 cents.

Dear Burna, we know you have exclusive rights to make your videos whichever way you want but this particular jam needs to properly represent your “people” as it is a National Anthem which you yourself confirmed. Therefore we need the Official Video because this one does not count. One more thing, (abeg no say my own too much but) when are we getting the Gaddafi album? I really can’t get enough of your music.

– Kvng Michael (@_kvngmichael)


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