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This Whole Maima Girl Looking Like MoiMoi Cheating On Rapper Ice Prince Is Getting Bigger.

Read The Letter The Guy Who Brought The Story To The Internet Wrote

Dear Ice Prince Zamani,

I need to clarify a few things because u seem a but confused about dis whole mess. D original story on Maima is something I CREATED FROM A TIP. A female messaged me from her REAL account. She is close to Akin & Maima. She thought it was wrong Maima was cheating on u so she told me about dere trip together in Paris/London. When I now landed dere pages, ma detective eye saw d matching dates & backgrounds to create d pic frames dat r circling all d blogs.

Someone copied my work & sent it to Stella, & others followed which is how d truth got lost in translation.

AKIN NEVER WANTED TO BE EXPOSED. It is not him dat is trying to claim her or chase her publicly. He is a married man, no married man wants to disgrace his family. Why else would he lock his page and change his name? Obviously he’s embarrassed by being caught.

I know Maima fed u some bullSh!t about her in law being dere, Will Collins. But what u need to understand is Maima & Akin have been seeing for a long time. He knows all of her friends and family. He is her only sponsor, he has taken Bebe & her son & Maima on trips to Miami, he paid for her maintenance, bought her a car & she is always msging him for money & asking when she will see him so she can flaunt she is a world traveller on Akin’s dime. He took her to Dubai which is where she got her chest piercings. U can confirm all dis with Maima but am sure she is still lying as females do when caught.

When u started tweeting against him, he added a photo of Maima & Will to prove it’s a family relation. He even added Charles Nkewa office to try to PROTECT MAIMA not disgrace her. But no one saw dat but me.

U may not want to hear dis but I was told years ago, Akin went to Ghana & uses dis woman to introduce him to other women, Maima was one of d girls Akin picked. (And am being courteous of ur feelings with dis story) BUT U NEED TO FACE FACTS. DON’T BE NAIVE. She is one of many lazy woman dat does not want to work but live off Akin & ur fame. Stop making her popular for d next man. Keep ur relationships off social media.

I know love is blind, but u r embarrassing ur self not seeing what is clearly infront of u. Stop siding with Maima, make her admit d truth & stop making Akin d villian. How dare u anyway? He is d reason u even found her attractive because d guy has fixed & upgraded her from d ground up like a true constructionist.

I know a lot of copy & paste bloggers have been stealing my work but don’t have the facts straight.

D way u r trying to drag this man is so wrong.

Maima needs to be a woman & grow up. She needs to admit to u dat she has previously & recently went to see Akin.
I know u r a God fearing person, don’t get caught up in woman’s lies to disgrace another human being & make him out to be the bad guy!
You need to tweet & apologize to Akin. Let it be something like “I want to apologize to Akin, I KNOW now he did not expose or try to claim Maima, some new info is brought to light, I know the truth now & I am working through it.” People will respect you more, your fans will appreciate you & d people dat know d truth about Akin will not make you out to be a fool. DO NOT RUIN UR HUMBLE REPUTATION OVER A GIRL.


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