BILS – Mans On The Move EP

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With a fusion of Afrobeats, 808’s, soul lifting melodies and hard rap, Bils‘ unique heartbeat rapping is sure to instill vibes and confidence. The first song on the track, Spiritual, is a very elegant entrance into the project. It skillfully reminds us of our Fela past while introducing us to the AfroFusion that is the future.

Mans On The Move is engaging, catchy, sweet and hard- likely to grab the attention of any music lover. It takes you out of Africa and plunges you into the heart of a Houston / London vibe and then back to Lagos.

Bad Boy is the first released music video off the project. This song is produced by Bils. The fusion of its Heart-pounding drums, sharp melodic synths, UK style rap, Afro-rhyming cadence and skills instills confidence in the listener. Choreographed by top international afro-choreographer, Sayrah Chips. He features amazing dancers like Ebinje, Nezzy, Addison Kole, Afromvmnt, Leandre, Luchiibae . Here is Bad Boy.

  VIDEO: Bils – Softly

Cold mc, i froze up the ice, copped like two i forgot the price

This my scene man forget the hype, don’t test me bro i’m not the type


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