Big Scam Alert You Should Not Fall For

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pls this is to inform our darling fans and friends that DADA BOY UCHE who parade himself as the ceo and general manager of THUGLUVIN RECORDS on various social media platforms is an unknown person to the label, we also wish to categorically state that THUGLUVIN RECORDS is not holding any audition for search on new acts to be signed on to the label.

Against various report as he has publicised on the label upcoming audition, he has syphoned and mis-informed the public with false information and as such we wish to express our in-accordance with his entire publications, we assure you all that in no time he shall met his waterloo and face the consequences of his fraudulent actions.

THUGLUVIN RECORDS will make use of various media platforms to inform the general public if any update comes up on events set to come up, at the time, we are in no plans for any to hold any auditions or sign new acts, the label is in serious works with her signed act and are poised with the main objectives to taking the Label and acts to higher heights.

For the main time we re-emphasise that we not holding any audition, collecting money from upcoming acts or signing new acts with notification to the public without necessary measures as purported by some group of person, meanwhile we are aimed at savouring your desires with the best of good music and video with the best in artistry.



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