Bidemi drops brand-new single ‘Ginja Me’

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Talented Nigerian Singer Bidemi drops brand-new single ‘Ginja Me’

Born In Nigeria, Bidemi started out writing songs, poetry, and spoken words and his frequent, public freestyles led to him meeting fellow musicians in university from which he embarked on his artist journey from a uni dorm room.

A typical yoruba man From Lagos and proud of his roots, He released his debut single in 2015 and following on from the success of this, moved to Australia before the pandemic and released 2 singles in 2021 and an EP earlier this year titled ‘Foundations.’, Bidemi is an Afrobeat artist with a sound and vibe as ‘colourful as the continent of Africa itself.’ His approach to producing his work is remarkable as he blends the traditional sounds of African cultures with foreign influences to create something completely its own – a sonic fusion yet to be explored in the mainstream music industry.

Infulenced by Wizkid, Adekunle Gold, Burna Boy, CKay, Omah Lay, Ed Sheeran, Bidemi experiments with different genres to create beautiful and exiting music

the New Single Ginja Me is an ingenious blend of the classic Afrobeat sound with the irresistibly-danceable syncopated percussion driving the backbone of the song paired with the timbres of modern, mainstream Pop music which has become distinctly more populated with these Afrobeat anthems.

The singer set out to incorporate his Nigerian heritage into a ‘fun, catchy and easy-to-vibe song,’ and he has successfully achieved this. What makes this track even more remarkable is the unique inclusion of a live sax solo – a deliciously sprinkled layer on top of a dense, crisp instrumental which truly is the icing on this Afrobeat cake. Ginja Me was initially just an experiment & mash-up of different genres yet resulted in a ‘beautiful blend’ – refreshingly new & exciting, it’s certainly not one to miss.

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