Barzini Taps Kelechief For “National Pledge”

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Barzini and rapper Kelechief team up on a new piece of music titled “National Pledge.” On the new record, Barzini expresses his opinions regarding the government and its people’s relationships and elections.

He also encourages Nigerians to stay united, shunning toxic and irrelevant things that would cause issues. National Pledge” is a politically conscious hip-hop/afrobeats record with a catchy beat and thought-provoking lyrics.

In a sharply captivating groove, the song and lyrics capture the spirit of Nigeria’s political awakening in the face of the forthcoming pivotal presidential elections. Both Barzini and Kelechi blend elements of hip-hop with afrobeats to produce a melodious rhythm that catches on easily with the listener.

Listen below;


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