Another Saga: Let’s Talk About Harrysong’s New Single; ‘Arabanko’, ‘KCee’ & ‘Linda’ – The Buhari-Effect!

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There are still so many unknown things that went down between Five Star Music and Harrysong, but wait… Is ‘Linda’ involved in this mess? Harrysong’s new single, ‘Arabanko’ suggested so!

The Nigerian music industry has been busy lately with ‘beefs’ everywhere, from Davido to Wizkid; Cynthia Morgan to MC Galaxy and Tekno ‘in-between’, while the actresses in Nollywood are busy battling marriage saga up and down! Who cares? I think I do, not totally though.

Five Star Music and Harrysong’s battle surfaced late last year when ‘Baba For The Girls’ crooner decided to go for his girls in ‘AlterPlate’, which made those at Five Star jealous… Ghen Ghen… Wahala started, Kasala busted! The tension that many thought was successfully managed by Daddy Showkey and other industry key players, after a short while, got season two and episode two just got unleashed by the ‘gala man’ after KCee kicked off Season Two Episode One with fresh court injunction.

On my own, I was sitting in my work station, thinking how President Buhari’s sickness and today being 61st day Nigeria’s First man has been in London on medical grounds, leaving his ‘ladies’ lonely and ‘guys’ frustrated. If Buhari had been around, maybe the recent marriages that crashed in Nollywood wouldn’t have occurred, perhaps musicians won’t be on social media fighting dirty, who knows? I was really examining how Buhari’s absence has affected the minds of our entertainers, maybe it is not Buhari’s effect, but their lack of discipline and love for kudi! Who no like Kudi na? Abegi!

Gbaun! My rickety phone that I’ve been managing rang, it wasn’t a telephone call, it wasn’t the bank alert I was expecting either, but an email gazing at me to open. Mtcheeew… These people wey dey beg for free post don come again, na wa oo. I kuku open am, what I found was chilling, Harrysong’s new song, titled ‘Arabanko’. “Good Day, Thank You for your usual support. Please help post this material,” the subject said. No worry, we go post am, no be to post for people to download? I said to the email.

I downloaded the song, Boom! The explosive started playing, Ah! Harrysong wettin be this na? You sure sey you no want make I dance like 911 times before I post this song so? My mumu self was still paying attention to the rhythm of the song that got me engulfed with Harrysong’s sound. “Arabanko is a song with deep lyrics that sheds light on lots of key issues surrounding the singer, while keeping the fans grooving at the same time,” part of the press content read.

Interesting… I stopped and replayed the song after I read the press excerpt, paying absolute attention to the lyrics, Harrysong maka why? Why you con murder the ‘fashion icon’ of our time like this na? you dey vex oo! ‘Arabanko’ is hot, how did the producer manage to survive these punchlines, then I checked the artwork and discovered it was produced by two music producers, Pastor Sam and Twinbeatz, mixed and mastered by Suka Sound; I said it, one producer no fit survive this jam! E too hot.

From the artwork of ‘Arabanko’ one would realise Harrysong went back to his root to get traditional flavour (not N’abania wey dey carry six packs impregnate our ‘beauty queens’ o), he (Harrysong) turned himself to masquerade, disguised under his costume (voice), and his many fans hailing him, while the traditional musical instruments accompanied his chants.

Laced with heavy percussion, Harrysong ushered us into his tragedy, joking around the beat as he mocks KCee, Five Star Music and Linda; who’s this Linda sef?, maybe that Linda that bought N500 million house, reportedly sponsored by some politicians, you remember her? Harrysong sings “since Linda chop Chinwa Banana and Politicians no con dey pay again, Arabanko, Uuh Haa… Arabanko”.  This Linda sef go like banana o, “internet crash, I make more money,” Harrysong sings to celebrate how the controversy is helping dance to the bank. Well shame to the enemies. Sorry Who’s Chinwe? Harrysong, I need an answer!

Harrysong further revealed the jealousy became intense when he delivered twins, successfully launched his music company, ‘AlterPlate’ (credit to his new sponsor), when he gave birth to his twins he said in the song that hired killer was sent to him, but the sender’s evil plan turned to blessings for him.

Harrysong’s use of pun to purge what he went through during and after his stay at his former record label are so touching. At about 2 minutes into the song, Harrysong exposed how he was manipulated and used. “I cook food make you con chop, you use am against me, put me for cooking pot… empty gallon wey I help fill water, na wa oo…” he sang in a pitiable mode.

Remember, back in November 2016, Harrysong complained bitterly that KCee knows nothing about music that he’s the brain behind most of the successes recorded in Five Star music (musically), but KCee counter attacked him in one of his interviews that he (KCee) started music long before he dreamt of being a musician.

Listening to this song, Harrysong sounded like he’s been pushed to the wall, he had to let some hidden details out for the world to know how unfair KCee and Five star music have been to him.

Lest I forget, ‘Arabanko’ is an Ijaw language use in mocking people.

As Buhari dey look them all from where he dey, I know Harrysong and KCee are still keeping some things, dirtier than what we are aware of inside cellophane.


-Piece Written By Adeyinka Oluwamayowa
@see_mayowa on instagram

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